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Turnpike Troubadours: A Long Way from Your Heart

Turnpike Troubadours: A Long Way from Your Heart

For months I’ve been waiting for this album to come out. I’ve been highly impressed by Turnpike’s previous albums and have been eagerly anticipating this one for quite some time. It certainly does not disappoint. It’s everything that I had hoped that it would be. The guys certainly brought out the big guns with this one and I can’t stop listening to it. With all the albums that released last Friday, this one has been played on the most.

Lead singer, Evan Felker, brings on some amazing songwriters for their 5th album including Jamie Lin Wilson, Jonny Burke and of course band mates John Fullbright and R. C. Edwards. A Long Way from Your Heart is exactly what country music should sound like. Musicians like Turnpike should be what defines the genre and recognized for their incredible composition.

Favorite tracks: The Housefire, Pay No Rent , Tornado Warning and Old Time Feeling. Really though, there isn’t a single song that isn’t fantastic. Oklahoma Stars is the song that was co-written with Jamie Lin and if you know anything about her, you already know that it’s great. If you are interested in reading a track by track listening guide check out New Slang’s article by Thomas Mooney. It’s a really good read. I read each one as I was listening to the album for the first time and it’s actually really cool to see meanings to the songs, old characters from previous albums, and Oklahoma location references. I highly recommend pairing the album with their listening guide.

Old Time Feeling (Like Before) might be my favorite song from the album though and Felker says that he wasn’t even sure that they were going to cut this one for the record but I am so glad that they did. One of my favorite lines from the song is:

This old world will spin again and play me like a violin and knock all of the wind out of my chest. I don’t mind you playing me, just keep it in a major key. Now you’re waking up and I can get some rest.

And I’m waiting now to catch you in the corner of my eye. I know you’re gonna darken up my door. Well I’ve got that old time feeling babe, it still ain’t passed me by. I’ve got that old time feeling like before.

Overall, the album is a 10/10 and though it’s October and nearing the end of year, this album might be my favorite album of year (there is really only one other album that is coming out next month that might rival it). So to say that I love the album is quite the understatement.

You can buy the album here. It is 100% worth EVERY penny.


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